Dried Jiuqu powder to asia area

It is a fermented food grown by rice, snow, and malt in Joetsu Myoko. We dried the handmade malt at low temperature without heating it and made it into a fine powder.

In the Joetsu-Myoko region, where humidity is high all year round, people have been using Koji to make fermented foods such as sake, miso and soy sauce since ancient times.


It is said that the enzymes produced by malt are expected to be effective in recovering fatigue, relieving constipation, dieting, preventing colds and influenza, and treating lifestyle-related diseases such as spots, wrinkles, dullness, and acne, as well as beauty.

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20 Packs KOSHIHIKARI Jiuqu powder

Product name : Dry KOJI Powder 100g

Expiration date : 365 days

JAN code : 4562454770435

1 pack : 100g

Order lot : 1 case

1 case : 20 packs

Price per pack : 1,080(JPY)

Order lot price : 21,600(JPY)

Shipping Fee to ASIA Area : 5,300(JPY)

Luggage Insurance : 50(JPY)


Oder Total pay : 1,080 x 20 + 5,300 + 50 = 26,950(JPY)

 Please pay 26,950(JPY) by credit card.


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